Chaos, Complexity and Transport: Theory and Applications





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Welcome on board !

It is our great pleasure to inform you about the International Conference "Chaos, Complexity and Transport: Theory and Applications" and to invite you to attend it. The conference will be held in Marseille, in the Pharo area, from June 4th to June 8th, 2007.


The scope of this international conference is to discuss the manifestations of chaos in various fields of physics like fluid mechanics, atomic physics, plasma physics, soft condensed matter and celestial mechanics, and to study the consequences on complexity and transport. A strong emphasis will be put on the interdisciplinary character of the conference. In particular, we intend to encourage contributions from the following fields :

- Nonlinear dynamics
- Fluid mechanics
- Atomic physics
- Plasma physics
- Soft condensed matter
- Celestial mechanics

In addition to this interdisciplinary character, CCT07 will contain theoretical, numerical and experimental contributions (as lectures, oral communications and posters). The committees will encourage the interactions between experimentalists and theoreticians in the same fields but also cross-disciplinary contributions.

The invited speakers will give review and focus talks intended to be accessible to a non-specialized audience. Participants will have the opportunity to present their research work with short communications and/or posters.

We are looking forward to seeing you at CCT07 !

For any question please contact the organisers at

Review talks
      Y. Couder  (ENS Paris, France)
      T. Evans  (General Atomics, USA)
      S. Fauve  (ENS Paris, France)
      C. Jaffé  (University of West Virginia, USA)
      J. Laskar  (IMCCE, France)
      S. Ruffo  (University of Florence, Italy)
      E. Villermaux  (University of Provence, France)
      E. Wesfreid  (ESPCI, France)
      G. Zaslavsky  (New York University, USA) 
Focus talks
      R. Artuso  (University of Cômo, Italy)
      P. H. Chavanis  (University Paul Sabatier, France)
      M. Courbage  (University Paris VII, France)
      A. Luo  (Southern Illimois University, USA)
      R. S. MacKay  (University of Warwick, UK)
      O. Piro  (IMEDEA, Spain)
      S. Rica  (ENS Paris, France)
      V. Rom-Kedar  (Weizmann Institute, Israël)
      R. Sanchez  (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA)
      D. L. Shepelyansky  (University Paul Sabatier, France)
      T. H. Solomon  (Bucknell College, USA)
      J. L. Thiffeault  (Imperial College, Angleterre)
      A. Torcini  (CNR Florence, Italy)
      D. Treschev  (Steklov Mathematical Inst., Russia)